Our Values

  • GOD-EXALTING We strive to maintain a God-centered view of life that keeps Him as the focal point of all that we think, pray, and do. His glory is our ultimate aim.
  • BIBLE-CENTERED We regard the Scriptures as God’s authoritative revelation that sufficiently equips believers for all matters of life, godliness, and ministry. We believe the Bible should be taught, studied, meditated on, and applied to individual as well as community life.
  • WORSHIP-ORIENTED We seek to honor God and enjoy His presence through Holy Spirit-empowered preaching, prayer, and singing of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Worship is a seven-day-per-week lifestyle, as well as a Sunday morning corporate expression of love for God.
  • LIFE-TRANSFORMING We aim to experience genuine life change as a result of our time in God’s Word, prayer, worship, fellowship, and outreach. Every believer is encouraged to maintain spiritual health through a consistent devotional life.
  • COMMUNITY-BUILDING We believe Christ builds His church by placing each believer into a local congregation for equipping, edification, encouragement, and fellowship. Personal relationships are a high priority and are developed best in families and small groups of believers who love and care for one another.
  • SERVICE-FOCUSED We encourage every believer to use his or her time, energy, and talents to minister to others in the church or in the community. "Every member a minister, every saint a servant", is an apt motto in directing our focus to the needs of others.
  • MISSION-DRIVEN We aim to train up and send out as many evangelists and missionaries as possible to share the gospel of Jesus Christ from Vacaville to the ends of the earth as God leads.